The Milpitas Food Pantry gratefully acknowledges the dedicated volunteers who help things run smoothly.

Heartfelt thanks to you all for making the commitment…
Bruce, Simone, Jessie, Ellen, Charlene, Nalia, Judy, Earl, Steve, Tom & Connie, Jackie & Dan, Toria, Girl Terry, Maria & Marissa, EdBoy, Andrew, Jose, John Jay and All The Students Who Come and Do Community Service With Us!

(Forgive me if I have left anyone out. I have met so many special people this year! - KK)


St. Elizabeth’s Knights of Columbus
for making the weekly trek to Second Harvest… rain or shine!
St. Joseph’s Outreach Program
Nob Hill Supermarket—Bakery Department
Target Corporation - Food & Sundry Items

Second Harvest/Feeding America Food Bank
City of Milpitas/Community Development Block Grants
City of Milpitas Commissioners ● Milpitas Fire Department
Milpitas Police Department ● City Staff
Milpitas Unified School District/Staff & Students
You make the Jack Emery Food Drive a real community project. Hats off to you!

PG&E ● Milpitas Chamber of Commerce ● Allied Waste
Walmart ● Lucky’s ● Trader Joe’s ● Safeway ● Savemart
Roadrunner Glass ● Duran & Venables ● Dr. Larry Napolitano
Storage City ● Milpitas Post ● Milpitas Hosting
Milpitas Christian School ● Crosspoint Chinese Church
St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church ● Christ Community Church
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church ● Mission Springs Community Church
Journey of Faith Church/Garden of Hope
Milpitas Rotary Club ● Kiwanis ●Milpitas Host Lions Club
The Family Giving Tree ● Will Chandler
Milpitas Publishing ● Elite Bakery ● Subway
Sutti & Associates
All The Scouts Who Collect Food for Food Drives

This is just a partial listing of all those who are angels for our cause.

Become a donor today!

If you want to see some amazing things people are doing with coupons in support of food banks and food pantries (and just to $AVE MONEY), check out these inspiring sites by Deb Law and Jeffrey Strain: